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Today, March 25, is National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day. Typically, today is a day where many in the CP and disabled community share personal stories of triumph, reflecting back on childhood memories and personal milestones, whether it’d be something as small as riding a bike for the first time, or as big as graduating college, getting married and having a family. To many on the outside looking in, some of these milestones are things that many others take for granted as time goes on, but to people with disabilities and their families, they mean everything.

Riding a bicycle? It may take a person with a disability a month to master getting on the bike. Graduating from college? Finding a college that meets the accessibility needs of the prospective student is a challenge all its own. Marriage and kids? I can’t speak from experience (yet!) but I tremendously look forward to what that stage of my life will have to offer. All of us play most of the same “games” in life, but people with disabilities typically have a much longer road to the title, making victory so much sweeter.

Now more than ever though, we are all on the same team, fighting the same opponent. There are no quarters, no innings, no laps, no clock. All we have is each other. We are our teammates, our coaches, our cheerleaders, our support system. It doesn’t matter your disability, your age, your race, your gender or your religion, we all have a game to win right now, a big one. Let’s take care of each other, look out for one another, help any way we can. Let’s be vigilant, let’s be cautious, let’s be responsible. Like any great team, we can win if we stick together. Stay healthy and stay safe. Love to all.